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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 7:28am

'@SeanR' I am not ordering people to have kids, I am just describing the purpose of matrimony. People can deny the Truth, but it doesn't change it.

I do not condone outbreading anymore then I condone inbreeding, both are equally detrimental to future generations, and these are all that truly matters because as I said, they are what marriage is truly all about.

Regarding serial monogamy, please understand that it is a contract. I am a minarchist, I do not think the state should be involved in much, but one of the things that it should be involved with, is the enforcement of legal contracts.
Like all contracts, there are ways to nullify the contract and there are ways to break the contract. Adultery is a breach of the contract. It is also called "Low Treason" because it is an act of treason, against a group that one owns allegiance, "the family" and such an action can destroy the family-

So I cannot overstate how serious adultery is. Rape is better, because in rape there is only one guilty part, in adultery there are two.

A second way that the contract can be annulled is if it is fruitless, as I said, it is all about progeny, so if no child have come after five years, it is safe to assume that the women barren, so she failed to deliver on part of the contract.

But the state should be involved because it cannot allow any of the two parties to simply break the contract without good cause. It is simply not good enough that they want to get divorced, if there is no gross violation, that can be proven in a court of law, they are married, till death do them part.