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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 9:09am


Your entitled to any BELIEFS you like to hold - but your not entitled to pretend they're based on facts - because they simply aren't.

Gender doesn't come from nature - that's nonsense.

Reactionary people like to CLAIM that, because they believe that the claim that something comes from nature also make it "natural" and therefore how humans must behave.
But as you just showed when you listed of "absolute evil acts" nature if full of theft, rape and murder - and yes adulatory. Animals does all those things against each other, just like humans, but that doesn't make it just and something we must do.
It only shows that if there is a god he's one evil motherfucker - but I don't think that was the point you wanted to make...

Gender roles differ amongst cultures and throughout history within cultures so they're obviously not set in stone but decided by man.

And any claim that a certain sex is better suited for certain thing is easily disproven. Name any skill you have and there are millions of women in the world who would beat you handily in any of them.
Different sexes are not better at certain things - different people are.
But just as there are strong men there are weak and there are strong women for instance - since physical strength is often a popular "proof" amongst reactionaries like yourself.

"There is actually significant gender dimorphism with humans, everything from bone structure, to bodymass and brain-functions are different"

All those things are once again connected to the physical SEX of the person - not the social gender.
And you're talking about averages of the entire sexes - within them there are HUGE variations as I just noted. Anything you can do well or any physical trait you have (exept for the reproductive organs of course) - a lot of women in the world beats you hands down, I can guarantee you.

"And I use the word "holy" to describe the teleological "purpose" of the institution. It is essential for our civilisation to survive, and as such it is also sacred, in the form that it is one of the things that must never be violated."

I guess you meant "theological"? Well religion is of course also just made up by man - there is no proof what so ever for any religious beliefs - that's why they're called "beliefs".
As I said - if you like to believe in those things it's fine but you don't get to pretend their based on any facts because they aren't.
And looking at nature once again there are several species of animals besides man who practises homosexually so if there is a god he obviously approves of the practice even if it can't lead to procreation, since he invented it.

Also - I don't know of any religion that holds "property" as holy as you claim. Jesus sure as hell didn't - that's very evident from the Bible.
Sounds more like something an American TV-evangelist would claim to defend him spending his congregations money on a new Porsche for himself.