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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 9:19am

@rphb It is the SRY gene that decides if a human becomes male or not. This is usually on the Y chromosome, however it can be on the X chromosome leading to XX males or damaged leading to XY females (the Y chromosome basically just contains all maleness and one of the X chromosomes in females is basically shut off so there isn't a higher count of data (it is done randomly in cells leading to the female portion of the population being biological chimeras)). While certain parts of transexuals cause are unknown there has been research to find a different between male and female brains. It was done with slicing mice brains extremely thinly and comparing them. After finding a difference it was also found in humans and after enough transexual brains were donated to science it was found that transwomen (who were born men) were found to have female brains. While this isn't solid proof of if it is before or after treatment the change happens (being born female brain or turning into a female brain) it is a case for it (or at least the ability to change from male to female).
While I would agree over a lack of third option (at least in a reproductive sense) I can understand the idea of non-binary or genderfluid. However this might be more a rejection of stereotypes or something biological (an example being a brain in between male / female but that is just a guess). However my knowledge on that is less so I am going to take a "live and let live" approach on that.