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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 2:33pm

women are not less prone to violence then men, they may be more compassionate, but that is because they are more emotional and less rational then a man. And I respect women, the mother is the heart of the household, the father is the brain, both organs are kind of essential.
There are examples of good female leaders, but that is because few women wants to be leaders compared to men, and because traditionally they had to work much harder to get to the top, which ensured that the few women that got there were remarkable.
But in modern time we have forgotten that, we have forgotten that most women are unsuitable to authority, so instead of them proving themselves worthy, they are carried forward because of their genitals, despite their lack of qualifications.
As an example just take Hillary Clinton or Angela Merkel. Merkel have brought doom upon Germany, luckily America was spared a similar fate.