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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 2:53pm

'@Nisse'_Hult thou doth not know the word teleological? it comes from greek telos, meaning purpose, I did not mean theology which is the study of the bible, and property is a very important aspect of the bible, but that is not really relevant, because my argument is not based on it.

And the natural law is also a concept that thou should know, or if thou doth not know at least thou should google it. It does not refer to what animals do, it refers to what is objectively right and wrong, before any human judgement.

Now I do not doubt that thou can find anecdotal evidence of extreme outlines in any directions, but that does not disprove the general trend, and the high correlation there are between the genders. Now regarding gender roles. Men are the providers and the protectors. They rule society, because they build society and protects society. Any prosperous society is patriarchal, and any deviance from it spells doom.
As an example just look at Sweden, I don't know if thou art familiar with it. of what goes on in cities like Malmø, or Stockholm.
Sweden have become a matriarchy, completely feminine and irrational, and as a natural consequence, they are importing a hyper masculine culture from the middle east.
Rape and murder, once rare have become a common occurrence. And all of the privileges that Swedish women have been granted by their Eunuch men, will be stripped away by their future no nonsense Islamic overlords.

I do not like Islam, but in any battle between an Absolutist and a relativist, the Absolutist always wins, because he alone is willing to die for his principles.

Because Atheism and relativism is the belief in nothing, anything of value, even if it is evil, can overcome it.