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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 4:53pm


I gave you an argument based on logic and reason and you completely ignore it and answer with a rambling based on your beliefs and opinions.

Get it through your skull that it doesn't matter one bit what you BELIEVE is true - no one cares what you believe. You know what happens when you try to talk about your beliefs with people IRL - don't you? They're not interested and the more you talk about it the less people are.

That's because your beliefs are reactionary old beliefs that have since been disproved with rational arguments and factual proofs and normal rational people today know this and sees that you're not rational.
Which gives the impression that you might be slightly insane so people avoid you because no one wants to waste time with irrational, possibly slightly insane, people.
I guess you're still young so there's still time to change, because if you don't you'll end up living your whole life very lonely in your own delusional bubble where your beliefs are more important to you then reality, facts and meaningfull interactions with people IRL.

You're almost completely alone in your beliefs in your society not because your smarter then everyone around you - your almost completely alone because you, unlike those around you, don't base your world view on rational thinking and factual proofs. And no matter how fancy you think your writing is it won't hide the fact that there is nothing but air behind your beliefs - that's once again why they're called BELIEFS.

PS. If you're the same person who I talked to before and who wrote about having mental problems and not taking his/her medication - please follow my advice from that time and take your medication and stay off the Internet. Interact with real people in reality and learn to socialise with others on mutual terms instead of just repeating beliefs no one cares you hold and you can't prove anyway. DS.