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Bye bye ambassador 29 1, 7:06pm

Every one of his appointees so far are either totally unqualified for the department overseen, have a vested self-interest in preventing the department's function or both. The man is on record openly boasting about sexually assaulting women and the only defense his supporters give is 'Bill Clinton did too 20 years ago' which apparently makes it okay. He's pushing through bills for constructing oil pipelines that nobody except the oil barons wants and even the Army Corps of Engineers admit are a big mistake since processing Canadian bitumen into usable oil is even more expensive, energy inefficient and emission-causing than regular crude refinement.
He and half his cabinet are facing allegations of tax dodging and illegal failure to divest themselves from business interests.
His fixation on the size of the crowd at his inauguration, to the point of pressuring National Park Service employees to lie and coining the term "alternative facts" not only makes the US a laughing stock, but is evidence of dangerous egomania.
He's ordered what amounts to a media blackout by freezing official social media accounts tied to departments that disagree with him and forbidding them from speaking with the media.

This immigration freeze is bringing down lawsuits and stays from the ACLU and several district courts with probably more to come.

Face it, the man is an openly un-American fascist plutocrat of the sort not since since Garfield and Arthur.