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Bye bye ambassador 29 1, 7:30pm

@flyingbanana Lol, you're really easy to misguide, aren't you?
Try looking into which deals he wants to remake, what are the terms? What terms does he want?
How does illegal border trespassers generally cross into USA? How many actually simply crosses the border and how many of those are caught anyways?
How exactly is what he's suggesting going to protect local economies and products? What other consequences might it have (look at what similar moves have done in other places)? What other consequences could it have for the general economy, not just the local?
How many of people who've come to the US as refugees turned out to actually be extremists in any way? How many of those has actually gotten through immigration?
Do you actually need more military to handle the threats of the US? You already are giving more funds to your military than Russia, China, France and Britain combined, will more make any kind of difference? And at what cost? Where will those money come from?

Regardless of the rhetoric, which you as an adult are obliged to be able to see through, the actions are pretty saying in an of themselves.