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Bye bye ambassador 31 1, 10:28am

@Tiny0Norway Oh jeez, this just keeps getting better. BWAHAHAHA! You don't even realize that the two people you picked as your examples are completely discredited. Yeah, they're both Fascists. No, the people who disagree with them are NOT Fascists. Also, the Left and Fascism are completely opposed. And finally, LEARN THE MEANING OF THE WORD "CENSOR". It really doesn't mean what you appear to think it means.

Censorship is a powerful entity such as a government preventing people from saying what they want to say, or newspapers from publishing what they want to publish. Being jeered at or mocked or disagreed with for saying something is NOT censorship. Rather, it is the natural consequence of saying something that someone else thinks is ridiculous. Person A is free to say whatever stupid thing they want to say, and Person B is perfectly free to tell Person A that whatever they said was, in fact, stupid.

That isn't censorship. In fact, it's the opposite -- it's this neat thing called "freedom of speech".

Right now, I'm using my freedom of speech to point out how very, very wrong and misguided you are. Cool, huh?