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Bye bye ambassador 31 1, 9:47pm


Like 3rd Generation said, your post is completely irrelevant to the discussion - you're just trying to change the subject by adding an inflammatory video which proves nothing.
Only a very ignorant person would believe a video of one person laying on the floor is in any way relevant in a discussion about ideologies.

Because there are of course lot's of videos out there of people laying on floors for all kinds of reason.
For all we know from the video he might have fainted - people do you know.
Even IF - which is not proven by this video - the claim that the person laying on the floor had been knocked out at a protest at an airport is true it still has no relevance in this discussion.
Because there would still be no proof who did this or why.
You claim to know but you don't, so you lie.
And finally of course - even if your guess should turn out to be true and he was knocked out by "one of the peaceful protesters" it still says NOTHING in a discussion about ideologies.

There are plenty of videos out there of individual people behaving violently towards others (something this video doesn't even show, mind you) and all they show are individuals doing things - you can't use them to prove anything about ideology.
Sometimes someone calling himself liberal punches someone - sometimes someone calling himself a conservative punches someone - it still proves NOTHING about the ideology they claim to adhere to.

Just like your empty little nonsense about Ben Shapiro not knocking anyone out.
I can't name a single person personally knocked out by Adolf Hitler either but that sure as hell doesn't make him any less of a fascist or more of a nice guy - now does it?
So clearly, trying to prove anything about ideologies in general based on whether or not an individual person pledging allegiance to a certain ideology personally has ever physically assaulted anyone, is nonsense. So your post adds nothing of value to this discussion - your only trying to incite conflict.

There is no point arguing with obvious nonsense like that - I'll just note that I'm not surprised that a Russian is taking the side of the authoritarian far-right.
So be a good little troll and crawl back under the stone you came from and stop polluting western society with your Putin-propaganda aimed at undermining our societies now why don't you.