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Bye bye ambassador 31 1, 10:59pm

I want to issue a cautionary warning here:

People should be aware that the poster calling himself "comrade_Comrade" is doing the work of one of Putin trolls striving to undermine western societies by spreading propaganda and fomenting conflict online.
All he does is posting inflammatory links and spreading Putin-approved propaganda.

I had a discussion with him a few comics back where he completely supported Stalin's claims that his attack on Finland in 1939 was only to acquire some smaller land areas and not an all out attempt to occupy all of Finland.
His proof? Stalin originally claimed so (even if his later actions contradicted his earlier claims) so it must be true.
Now NO serious historian of course believes the word of a mass murdering dictator like Stalin, but to "comrade_Comrade" the word of Stalin is all the proof you need.

Now it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this is the version being taught to Russian school children today in the Putin approved curriculum so they learn to unquestionably trust the "dear leader" of their country.
And I'm not saying he's being paid to spread propaganda and foment dissent in this (and probably other) comments sections online - he might well be doing it for free, believing every word he writes. Or he might just like the attention. I don't know and I don't care - the consequences of his actions is still that his "work" here falls in line perfectly with the goals of the Russian effort to undermine western societies.

So everyone should be warned not to believe a word he says because he's repeatedly shown that he will spread complete lies and actively strive to corrupt discussion with the posting of completely unrelated but inflammatory links.
In other words - paid or not, the guy is still a troll that seeks to disrupt the forum and delights in it, so don't trust him and don't feed him.