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Bye bye ambassador 31 1, 11:29pm

"Is that a reason to refuse -refugees-, though?" Possibly, yes.

"I'm not saying to set them up for permanent residence. But they're -refugees-." Their status is debatable. There are limits to goodwill and kindness, because if there weren't such kindness would be taken advantage of - resulting in much harm to many.

"If we abandone them, what kind of people can we say we are, ourselves?" The first rule of saving drowning individuals is to keep yourself safe. The first and primary rule.

"Is it worth it to abandon our own humanity just because there's a risk?" In our limited unvierse, our humanity is inevitably limited as well. It cannot possibly be unlimited even if we wanted it to be.

"And if we let fear of terrorists control what priorities we have, then why the hell would we even fight them to begin with?" That is not fear. That is rational risk assessment and game-theoretic reasoning. We are the natives, and as such we are the guardians of our local biotopes. Incoming threats have to be eliminated.