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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 4:25am

@Nisse_Hult I agree with you. As a Latvian in a country that is often bombarded with Putin's propaganda, and a large Russian minority some people fall victim to the propaganda (particularly the Russians). They're mainly like this because their families had settled in the Baltics and weren't able to return to Russia during the fall of the Soviet Union. That and I can't say that native Latvians treat a majority of them very well. Russians aren't given most of the same rights as Latvians, so I get why they'd be more likely to support Putin. Most ethnic Latvians don't fall for this fake news because we all are well aware of the atrocious things Russia put the Baltic states through during the Soviet Union We know, and we won't be deceived by our former oppressors.
It's a shame that a good portion of Latvia likes Putin. I once met a Russian woman who called Putin one of Russia's best leaders and that an invasion would be welcomed. They are also pretty hateful towards the NATO soldiers that have been stationed here to protect from a possible Russian invasion. But I, and many others are smart enough to disbelieve that propaganda that is forced on us.