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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 6:26am


Interesting to hear.
When you say that "It's a shame that a good portion of Latvia likes Putin" you're talking about the Russian minority then I guess - not ethnic Latvians?

"That and I can't say that native Latvians treat a majority of them very well. Russians aren't given most of the same rights as Latvians, so I get why they'd be more likely to support Putin."

This is really troubling to hear. I understand the Latvian sentiment but you have to remember the Russians living there now had no part in the decision to occupy your country and they shouldn't be punished or blamed for the consequences.
I think that you understand this personally, so I'm not telling you - I'm saying Latvia as a nation must do better or that will breed trouble in the future.
Putin would love to use a dissatisfied Russian population in bordering states as an excuse to invade you any chance he gets - just like Hitler used real or claimed miss treatments of ethnic Germans to claim territory in the 30's.
Sweden can't offer much military support I'm afraid but if the worst happens your welcome to our shores like so many other Baltic people unfortunately had to during the war.