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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 7:03am


"The Internet" in general is a lousy source of course - since it says nothing. You can find anything on the Internet but that proves nothing.
Wikipedia is generally a good source for basic knowledge but can sometimes be biased - especially on sensitive political topics.
The US mainstream TV networks are really bad. Fox is simply right-wing propaganda and the rest are more of a mixed bag. Not overly politically skewed like Fox but they're geared towards sensationalism, not facts - spending time and resources not on what actually matters but what attract viewers and therefore drives ratings and ad revenue.
Yes, some fact checkers clearly bend the truth. But I think there are those that can be trusted - haven't read up on all of them.

No, the basis for any decent political coverage remains the serious newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian and other papers of record in various countries. Those anyone can and should trust and when Trump calls NYT "fake news" for not printing what he likes to hear everyone should take notice.
Because attacking the free press is a sure sign of a budding autocrat if there ever was one.