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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 1:50pm

@comrade_Comrade If you are talking about all of Putin's claims, I, myself, am not 100% sure of what he is saying is true or not. Yes, I have researched this, but I've found no absolute solid proof that verifies his claims, but it's just what I and several others tend to believe. I wouldn't be very surprised if his claims were true, but I may very well be wrong. Every source, website, and person, says something different, so there is ultimately no 100% correct side to choose, as of now.
T the propaganda that is shown could be completely serious or Putin's words and supposed claims could be untrue, just be empty words or completely out of context.
If it is true, I'm just saying that I will not believe the propaganda or whatever is scaring so many people here. As said, most ethnic Latvians will not. But, if his claims aren't true, then so be it. I am just aware that Latvia does have an amount of propaganda.