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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 2:52pm

@comrade_Comrade Oh that comment. I mistakened it as the one about the propaganda line I made. I was agreeing about the spreading of Russian propaganda - but in no way related to you.
I will not say that I believe all of his things about mistrusting you and that all you are doing is spreading Russian propaganda. I haven't seen you praise Putin and talk about Stalin's attacks on Finland. Because I haven't seen anything, it would be unfair to pass judgment on you. I don't know very much about the education system and curriculum that runs in Russia, but I doubt that all of you are taught to worship Putin or Stalin. (That sounds far more like North Korea, than Russia.) As for posting unrelated links, I can't say I've seen that either. You provided me with a link once, which was completely relevant to what I said about Brexit.
I don't believe his claim that " goals of the Russian effort to undermine western societies. So everyone should be warned not to believe a word he says." Maybe Putin desires that, but I've met many Russians who do not make that their main goal. The ones I know are good people, so it would be unfair to assume that you are the typical western stereotype of "Capitalist hating people, who despise America and wish to undermine Western society." I have not seen any of these claims or any proof, so, no, I don't believe it, and I won't immediately side against you because of what has been accused.