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Bye bye ambassador 1 2, 7:51pm


That's good to hear.
Whilst we should never downplay the historical facts of what actually happened we mustn't forget that the men that made those decisions are all dead and gone now.
We should fight anyone refusing to admit these historical facts - whether it may be Putin or people like "comrade_Comrade" - but we shouldn't believe these facts justifies mistreatment of people today that have no responsibility for what happened years ago.
It's natural for people who've experienced oppression to be resentful against the people they hold responsible for it. Natural - but not really fair when that resentment is directed not only at the actual individuals responsible for their mistreatment, but an entire people.
Demagogues will always try to divide people along ethnic or nation lines to gain power for themselves but it will be everyone else who will pay the price.
Your probably to young to remember the war on the Balkans in the 90's but that's exactly what happened there.