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Bye bye ambassador 3 2, 11:52pm

It is good to ask questions. The reason why adultery is such an abhorrent crime, is because it is a form of treason.
There are two kinds of treason, High Treason and Low Treason. In all countries I know of High Treason is codified as the worst possible crime, worse then murder, and the reason is because High Treason threatens the nation as a whole.
It is high because the nation is the highest societal group one is a part of. Subsequently, the lowest societal group one can be a part of is the family, and adultery threatens the family as surely as selling state secrets to the enemy threatens the nation.
In the Bible the story of Judas exemplify the act of treason. Judas betrayed his confidant, the son of God, for thirty pieces of silver.
While this was the betrayal of a friend and not the betrayal of a lover, the same principle applies, that it was a betrayal. That is the essence of treason and that is why adultery is such abhorrent.