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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 12:17am

'@gatchipatchi' I refer to the Bible as it is a path to Truth, there are others, like philosophy and they really should go hand in hand, and all other of the so called religions are unreflextive and elitist at best (Buddhism), literally evil at worst (Islam), with irrational tribalism somewhere in the middle (Hinduism)

But matrimony, as I have said, is a natural union, and its purpose is as basic as can be: progeny, and it is only a union between one man and one women.
A man that have a harem is not truly married to any of the women, and the womens position in it are as fragile as their beauty.
Matrimony protects the women as much as the man, it is two people that promise each other to walk though life as partners. And a pair is always and only two.