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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 3:29am


I laid out my argument in earlier posts.
Arguments you completely ignored by spouting yet more empty beliefs at me.
Seeing that you weren't responding to reason or logic at all I instead tried to warn you that you'll throw your life away and end up very lonely if you continue on this path.
There is nothing ad hominum in this - it's just a fact of life.

You may cling to your beliefs of what is "Good" all you like - when you can't rationally or logically argue for them in any way you will still only seem a bit loony to other people in a modern society.
Your willingness to believe things without any rational proof would have worked perfectly in society 300 years ago, before the enlightenment, but today - not so much.

That's my point. No attack in that - I'm only stating facts.