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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 6:36am

'@rphb' Okay I respect that you are polite in this argument, that is not very common when it comes to things like this, but now you're claiming that atheism is based on faith. What? Do you seriously believe that? Atheism only uses arguments based on scientifically proven facts, whilst religions trust books written by old senile men during a time when people barely knew what science was, and the bible is almost 2000 years old. So again, what in the f*ck are you trying to say? You're not making any sense here.
And you say that you are religious and therefore base your arguments on logic, that could honestly not be any less true. Religion is completely illogical and every single corner of a religious book has some bullsh*t story in it. If you claim to be logical then take a Mensa iq test and then come back and tell me what you got. I personally scored above the top two percent and so did real-cool-cat.

And I call for backup' @real'-cool-cat Houston we have a problem, I need help trying to convince this guy that atheism isn't based on faith and that it is okay to be homosexual. Can you help me?