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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 12:39pm

1) IQ is a general score that gives an indication for ones ability to reason, it does not prove who is right as even the smartest minds can be lead astray. And it says nothing at all about how virtues one is. I applaud thee that thou hast mastered temperance and diligence, but they are also two of the easiest virtues to master, and thou seem to be struggling with hybris, which is the most serious sin. Remember humility.
2) Atheism is not about science, it is about metaphysic. Science, like biology or physics are narrow, they concern themselves with a specific field that they try to understand as well as possible. They do not pass moral judgements, and they do not try to discern meaning.

Atheism claims that there is no God, which is not scientific, the claim is not based on anything, neither on observation, nor on logic.
Absence of evidence is not evidence on absence.
The fallacious logical argument that atheist makes, is that they do not make a claim, that it is their opposition, the theist that makes a claim, that God exist, and that it is therefore the theist that have "the burden of proof".
The whole faith of Atheism rest on this one claim, that it is the other side that have the burden of proof.
But whether one make a positive or a negative claim about the Absolute is trivial. One can easily make it into a positive statement such as "everything is relative"
And philosophical tools like Occam's razor does not help either, neither side assumes more then the other.
The real deciding difference is that the theist admits that his belief is based on faith, while the atheist claims that his beliefs are based on reason, reasons, that as I have shown, does not exist.