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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 9:47pm

'@SweDenmark' It can be understood on several levels. On the most basic and practical level, hybris is a form of self flatuation, it is to have an exaggerated sense of ones own abilities which leads to one underestimating others.
As I said, all of the seven deadly sins have a very practical and empirical provable dimension, think of a general that thinks of himself as invincible.

But the part of God creating man in his image strikes at a deeper level.
The image that is often used to depict hybris is the tower of babel. The idea of all humans being united as one people, speaking one language, and united building a tower to heaven, to usurp God. It is the ultimate form of hybris and not the normal kind that most people struggle with.
And it is so critical to understand why this is bad, because the idea can seem good, that the world is united and all working together for a common goal, without being subservient to anything except the laws we make for ourselves.
But if we are only subservient to the laws that we make, where does their legitimacy comes from? The answer: power. Without God, without an eternal principle of justice, then all we have is a might makes right.
The EU cannot grant legitimacy to what Denmark does, anymore then the UN can grant legitimacy to the EU. They are increased levels of complexity that ultimately only represent greater and greater powers, not justice.
It is not good that the world is united because that means that it is also subjugated, there will always be rulers and the father away they are from the people they govern the more callous they tend to become.
The relation to God is personal, that is what makes Christendom unique. Man is created in God's imagine, as he was given the gift of reason. There is no authority between us and God, no one have a privileged position to him, not a priest, not a bishop, not even the pope.
The reason for the reformation was the decadence of the papacy, it had been lead astray then, as it is lead astray now. I am a protestant, because I reject the authority of the pope, I reject it because it is a lie, the pope was meant to be a servant, as all kings are meant to be servants. It is not the people that should serve the king. The opposite happens way to often, especially for kings that reject Christ and embraces the final sin, the sin of pride, of hybris, of self glorification.

It is the worst sin, because it is the only sin whose capacity for harm is endless.

1) Lust destroyed any relationship, as no one wants to be cheated on. But a person depraved enough, can live a life of debauchery. He destroys any oppotunity for him to ever find love, and he harms any young girl unfortunate enough to ever cross part with him, but they need to cross his part. Think of Barnie Stinson from How I met your mother.

2) Gluttony is eating too much, eating too often and eating the wrong things. It is wanting more than thou need, and it is the lack of self-restraint to hold back

3) Greed is about hording, it is to love money, to hold the accumulation of wealth as an end in itself and not as a means to something else. Buckmister Fuller famously said: “you can make money or you can make sense, the two are mutually exclusive. For an example of someone lost to purposeless wealth think of Scrooge McDuck

4) Sloth is the lack of effort, of not using ones potential, of being lazy and lethargic. Along with gluttony it is the most basic of sins.

5) Wrath is uncontrollable anger, and it is the anti-thesis of reason. It is to answer reason with violence. To be lost to wrath does not merely makes one an animal, as animals only strike out for food, or to defend themselves and their flock. To be lost to wrath is to be demonic. It is senseless, and it is evil.

6) Envy is to want what others have, and is often confused with jealousy which is the irrational fear of losing what thou hast to another. It is to covert others wife, or wealth or success instead of simply working to make theeself better. The character Antonio Salieri from the film “Amadeus” exemplify this the best.

And all of these sins are limited, they are focused on something concrete, something material. Pride is different, it is completely spiritual, and as such it is also not limited by anything.