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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 10:48pm

'@rphb' You're skilled at making your points clear, so even if I think that the ideas themselves sound ridiculous you make some of them seem somewhat agreeable with which means that you're very good at making arguments. But I still don't agree with you fully and I highly doubt that you will be able to make me agree with you completely or that I will be able to make you agree with me completely, especially over the internet.

Remember that this argument started with me thinking that it's okay to be homosexual, and I still think that it's okay to be homosexual. But you don't, you were making a good point while talking about virtues and sins etc. But that doesn't have much to do with sexuality but more about morals in life.

So let's just agree to disagree until further on when this subject is brought up again, since this argument is starting to become unnecessarily drawn out and rather pointless.