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Bye bye ambassador 4 2, 11:27pm

'@SweDenmark' okay I will just close by saying, that my mission in life is though reason and evidence in intellectual debates to fight for the true Christendom and the Absolute Morality that follows.
Thou need to understand a lot, all of the basic, before we can get to the beginning of the argument, namely the immorality of homophilia.
It is, and this is not an opinion, but a fact, a sexual perversion. But sins are actions, they are things we choose to do. I do not condemn people for what they are, only for what they do.
To deny this fact, is to start down the slippery slope of perversions, as we have as a society done. Things once certain and sacrosanct, like gender, have become relativised, and human races, once clearly understood to be different, and respected for it, have been ignored with tragic result. I weep for the rape of Sweden, and I so wish I had the power to stop it, that my voice was loud enough to be heard.
In the face of all of the problems we have, and all of the problems that *I* have foreseen are coming, homophilia seems minor, but it is what started it, it was the first perversion.

I am not a conservative, because the conservatives have conserved nothing, not the family, not the fatherland and not God. I am a reactionary, because we need a powerful reaction against all of this corruption, all of this decadence, all of this evil.
I hope and pray that the Reset will allow people that today are asleep to see the Truth, and not be taken in by the satanic forces that seeks to enslave us.