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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 4:03am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' That is because there are no records at all, the pre 1219 era, which was when the Danes Christianised Estonia, they were primitive savage pagans with no written language at all. The Danes eventually lost control to the Livornian order, which was an order of christian knights, that in return eventually got absorbed into the Polish Lithuanian commonwealth until Russia conquered it. Estonia have only existed as an independent country since 1992, and that is IF we can consider a EU vassal to be "independent".
No offence, Denmark lost our independence in 1940, and have never had a legitimate claim to sovereignty since. The difference is just that we have been sovereign.
And as with most things, this is a question of geography. Estonia is in a precarious position. Estonia is ripe for conquest from all direction from powers seeking to dominate the Baltic region, and without any form of natural protection it was unthinkable that an empire could start there. Had ye against all odds been able to gain dominance over a neighbour like Russia, ye would have ended like the Manchu that defeated the Ming in 1644, eventually lost your culture to these who started as your conquered subjects, as their culture were simply so much bigger. Something similar happened to Scotland, when their king James the VI in 1567 gained the throne of England.
Ye never had a chance.