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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 5:05am

There are plenty of records.
There were multiple powers and each of them documented events such as raids. German crusaders documenting oeselian raids to Scania / Denmark, etc.
Central finns fighting with karelians, karelians fighting with northern finns, etc., etc.
The only missing ones are between estonians and finns.

[That is because there are no records at all, the pre 1219 era, which was when the Danes Christianised Estonia, they were primitive savage pagans with no written language at all.]

Spoken like a true uppity indo-european.
Estonians of that time were using both the runescript and the slavic/russian script.
Runescript was used for agriculture. But the use of written language was not widespread and it seems that contracts were not kept in written form, but were proven by third-party testifiers instead - an ancient oral blockchain.

[Estonia have only existed as an independent country since 1992, and that is IF we can consider a EU vassal to be "independent".]

Another ignorant opinion from an indo-european.
Estonians were no different from other peoples in the region. It is just that the Estonian equivalent of the german 100-county system stayed the same for 1200 years since around 0 AD. And instead of 100 counties, there were 5+2+1 major ones (depending on how to count) which used a division similar to the 10-fold division of the mongol army.

[Had ye against all odds been able to gain dominance over a neighbour like Russia, ye would have ended like the Manchu that defeated the Ming in 1644, eventually lost your culture to these who started as your conquered subjects, as their culture were simply so much bigger.]

We (finnics) already did that, twice.
At first in Sweden.
And then in Russia.
Both were failures ;-)