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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 5:58am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' My point was basically that Estonia is in a precarious geographical position that will ensure that ye will always end up as a subject to some other power.

What I think would be most optimal, and that I find no excuse not to argue for is to form a Scandinavian federation. While the core, Denmark, Sweden and Norway is of course essential, there are many peripheral Nordic and semi-nordic countries that could also join this union, based on geographical, historical, cultural and demografical closeness.

Estonia would have more independence in this union then in the EU or the USSR as it is a more comparable size to the other members, but there is also the chance that ye could gain a fragile independence as a so called "buffer zone country"
That was the route that ye ought to have taken after getting out of the first oppressive union, but ye properly didn't realise at the time, that the European Union is just as bad as the Soviet Union was.