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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 8:47am

Sure. Sounds like a good idea.
If the indo-europeans behave well, then finno-ugrians are all in.
The reason for the EU fast-track was that the Nordic Council member states were at the time moving towards directions that made achieving the common goal questionable (and we were not invited as full members). It is a balancing act, for sure. But all that 1% of annual immigration is piling up on state expenses and those "core" Nordic countries are slowly losing their ability to invest in defense (and the EU as well). Or at least it seems so. And even if the money were there and would be used for defense, the dehomogenized society would lessen the effectiveness of manpower. And eventually, in 30 years from now, those annual 1% tend to pile up and accumulate and compound. Estonia (the citizens, not sure about the Establishment) would be wary if Nordic Council full membership would be just an excuse to dump a lot of Scandinavian immigrants to the Baltics.

That getting rid of mandatory conscription (by Sweden) was pure madness in these corners of the world and it brought even Estonia (not the citizens, but the Establishment) to the brink of doing the same, because "look at the Nordics (don't look at Finland and Switzerland and Israel), the shining light in everything and sliced bread". And all that skimping on defense within NATO actually also manifests as economic competitive advantage. So one could say for example, that Germany has used unfair dumping by keeping their defense investments so low.