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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 4:49pm

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' yes these immigrants and their descendent are a huge problem that we need to deal with NOW. It have become unsafe for young Swedish women to enter the streets at night and the word "gang rape" have entered their vocabulary, and every day more and more young muslim men are invited in, all in the name of feminism.
Men build society, women destroys it. When a nation is conquered it is always the men that is killed, the women goes with the conquers. Swedish men have been feminised to appease women, and as a consequence no longer hold the interest of women. Women wants strong virile masculine men, that is why feminism so paradoxically allies itself with radical islam.

There are only two ways this can end, either Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia mans up, overthrows the matriarchy and the Muslim invaders, or it becomes a califate complete with Sharia law and stoning of infidels.
My recommendation is that Estonia should do its best to assert its independence for now, to balance the interest of the east and the west and as I said be a buffer state, and if the problems in Scandinavia is not solved, ye should ask to become a vassal of Russia, that at the very least is a christian country with strong moral values.
It would be better for Estonia to be part of a united Scandinavian block, but only if it remains ethnic Nordic and with a strong Christian tradition. In this time and age it is more important then ever to stand guard on faith, and not listen to the false shrill of post-modernism.