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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 7:07pm

@rphb I'm a bit confused by you bring up bestiality, how is two members of the same species having sex bestiality? I think you vastly misinterpreted what I was attempting to say. I was saying that same sex activity has been observed in pretty much any sexually reproducing animal; a natural 'phenomenon' discovered through observations one could say. As humans we're not much more than a big system of chemical reactions that somehow form a living thing, all that we're guaranteed is that the matter and atoms that make us can't be destroyed. We however can be destroyed and reduced to those atoms. I know this isn't what Natural Law is meant to refer to, but inalienable, objective, and absolute suddenly lose a lot of value when the axe murderer comes a knocking.

Humans gave value to these ideals. Societies in the modern world kill dissenters, how inalienable does that make the right to life ? I'm not going to debate how horrible that is, it is, and I'm glad to live in a country that follows the liberties that it does. Conscription into military service is another, where regardless of one's willingness, their life is potentially put on the line.

Anyway, back to the main topic, homosexuality. Observations of both nature and humans themselves support that it is a natural state of sexual attraction. Unlike bestiality, two adult humans are capable of consenting to sex with another adult human. Natural Law has been revised many times correct? Ethics and morality are messy things, the concept of right and wrong are abstract enough to create these endless comment chains littering the internet. This all started with you complaining about a word, a word with a legal definition attached. Marriage is a human creation, created out of many separate cultures, two guys or two girls can be legally married, regardless of religion.

As for reason, I have not abandoned it. My mind thinks in a manner geared towards a more STEM understanding of the world than a philosophical one. I like to see the world as a bunch of particles moving around creating the massive things we see in the world today. There's also the funny cases where logic and reason may fail in our understanding of the universe. It's a big universe out there, and our view points are shifting via media. Huh 4am people who is rather unreasonably typing up an argument that won't matter in the grand scheme of my life accepts that this reply is turning into a mess now because it's 4 in the freaking morning and I foolishly stayed up this late. -_-