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Bye bye ambassador 5 2, 10:10pm

'@badwithnames14' I should have used a better word then bestiality, as it have multiple meaning.I meant that this line of thought reduces us to mere beast.
We will take hemophilia later, we need to get through the source of values and rights first.

Values does not come from the material world, it comes from the spiritual world. They do not come from observation, they come from reason. both are natural, natural meaning external, that is something we discover, rather then something we think up.
This is a very fundamental principle, that humans DON'T give values to ideas.
That ideas have value, and that humans merely discover these values.

If men gave value to ideas, then the value of the idea would be worth no more then the man that gave it and the power he wields. If ideas don't have an external foundation, then it all just goes back to power and "might makes right".
We simply cannot, logically, give value to something that have none.

And Rights, which as I said are Absolute, can of course be violated, and it is exactly because they are Absolute that they can be violated. What is relative can always be bent, and as a result are always with time distorted into unrecognisable nonsense.
What the axe murderer does is "malum in se" its evil in itself. it is not a law that makes his actions evil, they are evil, and the law just reflects that.
That is what laws are supposed to do, to reflect reality, to reflect the Natural Law.

For thy second part thou mention consent.
I agree that consent is important in all aspect of interhuman interaction. It is always a violation to force others to something they don't want, unless it is to obey a contracts.

But it is not always sufficient to have consent. We cannot, for instance, just sign away our rights, we don't have the right to sign away our rights. And that is because they don't come from us, they don't belong to us, they belong to God.
But there is also Duties. Duties are the other side of the coin to Rights. With the fundamental rights of life, liberty and property there is also the corresponding duty to not violate others. Contracts comes from the practical aspect of Rights.
God does not guarantee our Rights, as in he does not defend them, we have to defend them ourselves. That is why we form into societies, that is why we form militias to protect our societies from outside aggression and inside transgressions. And that is why it is a duty, and not a choice, for a free man to bear arms in the defence of his country.
Women should not, and neither should the perverse and the sick, but every healthy young man should serve in the army, because that is the price of being a free man, that he have the courage and the will to defend that freedom.
So no conscription is not a violation, but to remove it, to instead entrust our defence to a professional army, an army of mercenaries, is the road to serfdom. Serfs are never allowed to bear arms, they need to be defenceless, the whims and mercy of their lord and master.
Entrust the defence of thy home to others, and disarm, and one day thou may find theeself face to face with a nasty looking “government man” insisting on jus prima noctis.
That is even worse than the axe murderer, because thou can escape from him, but there is no escape from the government, if thou allows it to gain such power.
Rights are Absolute, but they need to be defended, at that is the job for every free man.