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Bye bye ambassador 6 2, 1:10am

[ There are only two ways this can end, either Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia mans up, overthrows the matriarchy ...]

I opine that matriarchy is not the problem, finnic peoples lived in matriarchy and it was fine.
I see the problem in the other side of Komintern (that which cooperates with big business) which was not eradicated in the West. The Western mainstream parties have been infiltrated by commies, basically. Commies who cooperate with big capitalists - which ironically was the theme with Lenin and his cronies as well, but they sidestepped to build up their own big business and carry on from there.

[ as I said be a buffer state, and if the problems in Scandinavia is not solved, ye should ask to become a vassal of Russia, that at the very least is a christian country with strong moral values. ]

Russia is not an option for the next decades.
In 50 years at best it might become one.
One of the problems is that Russia is slowly becoming muslim just as the West.
And there are even fewer borders within Russia than there are within the EU.