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Bye bye ambassador 6 2, 3:35am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' Findland have never been a matriarchy. Before it was conquered by Sweden and Christianised it was ruled my a myriad of small tribes with a classical patriarchal structure.

Of course the fascist/satanic rule we have today is very problematic, but they would never have had any foothole if they hadn't been able to neuter the men and drive out Christendom ant its universalistic ethic.

Women and men both have their place in society, they are like the heart and the brain, both are pretty essential organs. The heart feels, the brain thinks. Women are emotional, men are rational.

And it is good to be emotional, in the home. But women are not warriors, they have never been warriors and they never will be. It is against her nature to fight for her tribe, it is against her biological imperative.
If the men in her tribe is too weak to defend it, she needs to go along to get along with the conquerors.
Its all about biology, what is the best strategy to ensuring ones progeny. For women it have always been to find the strongest man, for men it is to be the strongest.
A man that fights and wins will get a bride, if he fights and lose he'll die, but if he don't, if he is too much of a coward he might as well be a eunuch, no women wants to date a pussy.