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Bye bye ambassador 7 2, 2:25am

[This is exactly my point, men are the defenders. A traditional patriarchal society is not one where women are slaves, they just don't have a voice in public discourse, their place are at home, and that is where they reign.]

The women have had as much say as men.
Trade is a foreign policy. And military is only activated while under attack.

[And the norsemen in Greenland did not lose a war with the Eskimos, they lost to king Frost, the little iceage drove them of- The global temperatures needs to rise an additional 2 degrees before it is warm enough to resume the same agricultural tradition that they lived of there a thousand years ago. ]

Greenland is already warmer than it has been for the last 5000+ years at least.
The vikings wasted the topsoil, happens all the time with overeager civilisationist pyramid schemers, even happened to estonians about 4000 years back. The Greenland topsoil grows back, in about 5000 years or so.