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Bye bye ambassador 7 2, 11:38pm


While technically correct that all media is biased simply because no media can (or should) report on every single thing that happens and the complete background of everything the claim that "all media is bias" mostly leads peoples thoughts in the wrong direction.
There always have to and also should be a condensation of the facts in media reporting - the point of which is to report the most relevant facts necessary for the viewer or reader to become informed about the issue without having to spend hours reading up on all the details.

But when we talk about bias we usually mean a bias that obscures the truth and deliberately misleads the reader or viewer.
And all media certainly isn't biased in that sense of the word.

While all media is constantly ACCUSED of being so by those that don't like their reporting, an honest examination will show you that not all media actually is biased in that sense of the word.

This can be seen in things like the number of times a certain paper of TV-channel has been censured by a regulating body, the number of times it's reporting has been found faulty by independent fact checkers and other media and the reputation it enjoys in the journalist and political community, for instance.

In the case of New York Times it's a so called "paper of record" and has won more Pulitzer Prices for excellence in journalism then any other news organisation in the world. It hold a very high standard.
And there are other papers of record all over the world:

The Guardian isn't quite there but it's a reputable newspaper with an honest record. It's broken a lot of major international stories the recent years and has been named "Newspaper of the Year" four times by the British Press Awards.

I haven't ever heard anyone accusing it of being a Tory mouthpiece - it's political alignment is centre-left and it's much more commonly accused of being to left-wing.
So I believe you either have it mixed up with some other paper or you're own political affiliations are so far to the left that you, personally, see the Guardian as pro-Tory?

Well yes, you of course always have to draw your own conclusions. But the point I'm making is that all media are not at all the same or equally trustworthy. There are certainly those media sources that are more trustworthy then others.

That doesn't mean that they don't too sometimes get things wrong, but they do make every effort to keep their reporting fair and true - unlike many other media who either print or run things simply because they will attract viewers, or simply because they fit the narrative they're pushing - regardless if they're actually true or not.