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Bye bye ambassador 8 2, 12:03am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' progressivism is one of many incarnations of Satanism.
LGBT: Lesbian, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgender. Notice how there didn’t use to be a T in it, they added a new perversion to it, and more is coming, P for pedophile is on the way, and there are perversions beyond that that I don’t even dare name.
There is no end to the perversions ones we have started down that path.
Anthropogenic global warming, it’s a joke, it is anti-human and it is anti-God. And it is all fueled by Pride, which is not a good thing.

Metaphysically there are only two positions one can fundamentally hold: Faith in God, in the Absolute, and not.
The seventh sin, the final sin is pride. It is the most deadly of all the sins. As it is purely spiritual, it is capable of infinite harm.
The story in the Bible, and remember it is about morality first and foremost, of Lucifer.
Lucifer was the most powerful angle, his name means the light bringer, and he was more powerful and more great then all the other angels in heaven. He was so great that he himself felt that he was great, so great in fact that he didn’t need God, so he rebelled, and he was cast out.
But what many fail to realize from this story, is that it was not about Lucifer starting a war with God and losing, it was that the act itself lead to hell. By putting ourselves above nature, above God, we have nothing to hold on to, and as a consequence we are in hell where any idea of Good and Evil have been discarded and everything is an eternal power battle.

There is nothing to progress towards. What is Good does not change, it is eternal, it is Truth, it is Beauty it is God.
To abandon that, to “progress” as ye call it, beyond that which is perfect, is always a deterioration. Progressivism is always, by logical necessity, regressive. It leads to greater and greater perversions until civilization itself is destroyed.
The root of the word civilization, is civility, and in order to be civil, one needs to be moral, and rational, and both requires a faith in God.