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Bye bye ambassador 8 2, 12:34am

[LGBT: Lesbian, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgender. Notice how there didn’t use to be a T in it, they added a new perversion to it, and more is coming, P for pedophile is on the way, and there are perversions beyond that that I don’t even dare name.
There is no end to the perversions ones we have started down that path.
Anthropogenic global warming, it’s a joke, it is anti-human and it is anti-God. And it is all fueled by Pride, which is not a good thing. ]

I was merely pointing our that the Obama administration (together with its ambassadors) and the mainstream media put more emphasis on LGBT than on AGW. And the mainstream media continues on that trend even now.

AGW is real, get used to it if you can (the science on evolution says that growing gills takes time and even then the excess CO2 levels make fish swim towards their prey.)