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Bye bye ambassador 8 2, 1:58am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' Science is never settled. In Science, dissenting voices is usually right, especially when the mainstream position is supported by money, and power.

I haven't really made up my mind on evolution, there are lots of things about it that are, lets say questionable. I am not saying that I am a creationist, I am just saying that looking at interspecies relations with evolution is like looking at galactic distances with Newtonian physics.

One have to be sceptical, it is not good to simply believe what the authorities tell us.
AGW however is pure pseudo-science, its only purpose is to serve as a justification for ever increased political intrusion in our lives.
One of the fun little fact that is so often lied about is about Carbon dioxide. CO2 is good for the world, it means more life. More CO2 means more life, and CO2 does not cause global warming. The Arctic icedrilling proves it. CO2 is a lagging indicator. First the global temperatures goes up, then CO2 rises, and wise versa.
Another fun fact is that the effect of CO2 and other greenhouse gases decreases the more of it is in the atmosphere. The atmosphere gets saturated, these models that they make pretends that it is the other way around, that the effect instead accelerates exponentially.
They also ignores the homeostatic nature of Earth.
I am not claiming that Earth is concious, but she is alive, and have been for a billion years, and that is just not possible without homoeostatic systems that always brings it back into balance.
Also don't forget, the greatest effect on the Earth climate is the sun, and it is a lot bigger then us humans.