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Bye bye ambassador 8 2, 6:29am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' I am not claiming that CO2 is not a greenhouse gass, I said that an increase of the CO2 levels have always come after the temperature have already risen.
The greenhouse effect is meant to prevent the warmth from escaping out into space, its a good thing, it is part of what preserves life on Earth. But there is an upper limit to how effective greenhouse gases are. It is fun that the effect of greenhouses gases decreases with quantity as it makes the effect of increasing their levels in the atmosphere less and less significant. And it is not an excess of CO2 that makes mammals more sluggish it is a lack of O2. Put many people together in a closed room and they will use up most of the oxygen, that is also why lots of plants improve the work environment.

I understand that thou art scared, that is the whole point. It have always been the point of dictators to rule though fear.
The Earth is never going to look like Venus, not for 800 million years at least, at that point the sun start to go into its red giant stage and our time will be up, but that is another story.
Venus is as Venus is because it is too close to the sun and because it never had a moon to stabilize its orbit.
Humans are incapable of destroying all life on Earth, if we fired every nuke on the planet at once, we might be able to kill ourselves and other large mammals on the planet, I say might because that theory is dependent on the nuclear winter Hypothesis being true, (but I don't want to test it).

The purpose of the global warming hoax is to scare people into surrendering our fundamental liberties, and national sovereignties to a global body of regulators. It is the dream of the Satanist to create a New World Order, order out of chaos, a one world government and a single false one world religion.
I am not saying that it is going to happen, I am saying that we must do what we can to prevent it from happening, and supporting all politicians that fight for nationalism and against globalism. Men like Donald Trump, Gert Wilders and Marie Le Pen.
The siren song of the globalist seem appealing, but only until we deconstruct it, then everyone ought to be able to see the lie for what it is.

The first thing thou will notice is that it is very anti-human. It demands sacrifices for “the greater good”. The Greater Good is one of these key words that thou need to discern. It is a collectivist term. It is about the good of the greater number, the good of the group, over the good of the individual.
But that is an abstraction, groups don’t have independent existence, they all consist of individuals.
And the second thing that we should notice about the term is that it relativizes the good.
The alternative position, the pious position, that there are certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and property, is that good is something fixed, it is Absolute.
The collective is not important, the rights of the individuals are important, and when these rights are respected it benefits everyone.
If we allow our fundamental rights to be taken “for the greater good”, what are we left with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, we have become nothing but cogs is a machinery, that cares nothing at all about us, or anyone. The greater good is a lie. What is good is Good and what is evil is Evil, it doesn’t changes and it is not relative.

I am not saying that sacrifices are bad, but they are personal, never imposed. A true sacrifice is in opposition to tyranny, it is when we realize that there is something more important, then our own life. Once we realizes this, the tyrant loses all power over us. If he strikes us down at that point we become a martyr.

Fear not.