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Bye bye ambassador 9 2, 7:16am

I am not practicing demagoguery, doth thou even know what that means? I am not trying to persuade the masses to follow me using pathos. I am quite the contrary trying to use logos, and to a lesser extent ethos to convince thee.
I know thou hast that picture of Venus in thy head, I know thou art scared, but try to look beyond the emotions of that. I am saying that even if we were to accept the premise of that, as ludicrous as it may be, a better solution then extensive global regulation would be to simply end central banking and fiat currency. Because without that we wouldn’t waste resources as we do now.

Things like overpopulation is not a problem because it is self-corrective. If there is more individual of a species in a region of a species then it is able to support, they start to fight each other for the scares resources and the weak ones die.
And yes there are things that are limited in supply and oil might very well be one of them, but we won’t keep using oil until there is no more oil at all, only until it is no longer economically feasible. Price solves everything, when it becomes more expensive than the best alternative, we will use the alternative.

I agree that subsidies are bad, I don’t like subsidies, I am a minarchist, I want the minimal state, the only legitimate functions of the state is to enforce legal contracts and protect us from violence.

[We need more strict environmental regulations and enforcements. And stop treating companies as bättre citizens. Corporations are not citizens.]
I agree, corporations are not citizens, and don’t have rights. I don’t like corporations at all, they have gotten a life of its own, they have gotten a life of their own that is very parasitic to humans and literally soulless. There are ways to structure businesses without them being incorporated.
Beyond the personally owned buisnesses and the partnerships, we have more advanced structures like the Kommanditgesellschaft where there are both active partners that are personally liable for the business and silent partners that are only liable for what they put in, and are entitled to a share of the profit.
And regarding environmental regulation, there should be rules against pollution, because pollution damages others property, but it is the sovereign right of each nation-state to determine the details.

[Relativists are very competitive. Just look at all the Darwin Award nominees - they were not after absolutism, they went all the way for the relative win.]
I don’t even know what that means, relativist have no values. Straight comes from convictions that one is not willing to compromise. There is nothing a relativist won’t do for the right price. An Absolutist does not have a price, he cannot be bought.
Absolutist don’t have to be Good, a Muslim terrorist is Absolutely evil, but a relativist aren’t even able to comprehend him. A relativist thinks that Muslims can just be integrated into western societies, as a hedonist, he thinks that everyone is a hedonist.
He cannot comprehend that there are people that don’t simply seek pleasure, that there are people motivated by a higher calling.
For that reason ye are always surprised, and always making excuses.
Yes I use the word hedonist now, it is the same thing. Thou indicated that thou prescribe to utilitarianism, that is the happiness is the only end goal, and that everything should be measured in its most optimal maximization.
That all fits together with hedonism and relativism , but not all people are like that, not all people want happiness.