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Bye bye ambassador 10 2, 4:49pm

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' To start with the end, there are plenty of cohesion in Japan. and they have over a hundred million people 98,5% of which are etnically Japanese. The problem is not the number of people in a society, it is diversity. Diversity is what is killing societies. Back in the 1970's Sweden was much like Japan, ethnically homogeneous, than it started on the great social experiment, to replace the local Swedish population, with a foreign low IQ one from the Middle east. The sweet spot for violent criminality is IQ85, and that is the average IQ of Arabs.

[That would only slow the increase of cumulative emissions. Even 1/1000 of the current rate of emissions is too much. ]
So thou admit that market forces can limit the emission by a factor of 1000, that seems like quite a lot for me. If the smug in Baijing was reduced by that much, people wouldn’t have to wear mask anymore. They could actually breathe fresh air again.

[Basically you are betting on the collapse of the civilisation so that there is not enough knowledge to run the current fossil energy infrastructure any more, not even at 1/1000 of the current rate. Because if there is enough knowledge and enough smart individuals, then without regulations they will continue to emit CO2 from fossil fuels.]
So thou admit to be anti-human, even a 1000 reduction won’t be good enough for thee, thou want to stop all combusting, and take us back to the stone ages, to before we discovered fire?
Can’t thou even begin to imagine the sacrifices thou demand from us, and all for the sake of an unproven hypothesis? The real world consequences is abhorrent, and thy reward for all of this is the continued existence in a world that are not worth living in.
Try looking at some of the old predictions, and the deadlines that have already come and gone. The climate hoax is fundamentally no different from a religious nut, that preaches that “the end is neigh”
I think thou misunderstand the purpose of science. Science don’t dictate policy, it is not a religion, science is merely an inquiry. It seeks truth and constantly changes its answer as more data have become available. But thou think thou hast found truth, and are not willing to entertain the idea that thou could be wrong. That is not science, that is faith.

[Well, that needs to change, in that pollution emission taxes have to be globally the same.]
Again, based on thy hypothesis, thou want to bring and end to how international relations works, thou want to create a global state, a tower of babel. I mentioned Hybris before right, of how it is the worst of all possible sins. Show some humility, admit thy own fallibility, that thou could be wrong.