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Bye bye ambassador 10 2, 11:57pm

[To start with the end, there are plenty of cohesion in Japan. and they have over a hundred million people 98,5% of which are etnically Japanese.]

That is what you assume. In reality, Japan was really fragmented only a few centuries ago. What keeps Japan's population together so far is the tradition of imperialism and emperor. Chechoslovakians did not have that problem. Imperialism is the opposite to democracy. It is also what keeps together UK (the birthplace of democracy, yeah). So repeat after me: imperialism, not nationalism.

[So thou admit that market forces can limit the emission by a factor of 1000, that seems like quite a lot for me.]

That is still 10-20 million tonnes of oil or coal or other types of fossil fuels. That is not trees that you can covertly take down and drag away. The mines and basins and rigs can be surveilled.

[So thou admit to be anti-human, even a 1000 reduction won’t be good enough for thee, thou want to stop all combusting, and take us back to the stone ages, to before we discovered fire?]
Nope. Renewables can take over. And negawatts.
You do know that Archimedes experimented on concentrated solar?

[Can’t thou even begin to imagine the sacrifices thou demand from us, and all for the sake of an unproven hypothesis?]

Greenhouse effect of greenhouse gases is real physics. It is the same physics that drives your microwave oven or in fact any other oven. Be a climate denier and stop using any ovens.

[Try looking at some of the old predictions, and the deadlines that have already come and gone.]
Which predictions? Which deadlines? Hansen's projections are just fine, once you take into account the development of other forcings and feedbacks.

[The climate hoax is fundamentally no different from a religious nut, that preaches that “the end is neigh”
I think thou misunderstand the purpose of science. Science don’t dictate policy, it is not a religion, science is merely an inquiry.]

The only hoax is that driven by climate deniers.
I think you misunderstand the purpose of science.
Science can dictate policy, in that science can give reasonable alternative choices to the decisionmakers (that would be the citizens, not the politicians who are impersonating the middleman attack). The whole scam of representative democracy rests on the ability of the Establishment to limit the choices given to voters and to provide false choices and one "correct choice" and when necessary provide additional opportunities and incentives to vote "correctly". That can be turned around by using science against the Establishment. Why do you think the hellenic science (esp pure mathematics) ran out of steam? Because Imperial Rome and Christian Rome considered science as a threat to their Establishment. They had all the basic building blocks for a steam engine and they had the schematics, but the industrial revolution was postponed. Why? Because the Establishment considered it relatively better to keep population uneducated and themselves in power. Something similar is happening nowadays. The class struggle still carries on, more Gini than ever. The pyramid scheme with Establishment on top of it.

[It seeks truth and constantly changes its answer as more data have become available. But thou think thou hast found truth, and are not willing to entertain the idea that thou could be wrong. That is not science, that is faith.]
You are still not listening.
Greenhouse effect is tied to the very same physical laws of our universe that govern the energy balance of any body. That is not faith, that is science.

[Again, based on thy hypothesis, thou want to bring and end to how international relations works, thou want to create a global state, a tower of babel.]
Quite the contrary, I want to use the existing regulative body of globalisation and make it right.
WTO does not require a global state, at least not to my knowledge. Are you trying to say something about the WTO that is not common knowledge?