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Bye bye ambassador 11 2, 1:09am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' I do not understand how thou think, thou seem to have an Orwellian doublethink thing going on. At the same time believing in two mutually contradictory positions.
Thou reject national sovereignty, but advocate for democracy. If a nation is not allowed to rule itself but have to follow the dictates of a global body, then it and not its people are in charge. So who is it, the people or the globalist elite, it cannot be both.

I agree that direct democracy as a principle are preferable where it is applicable. But voting needs to be limited to these who have no conflict of interest.
People that are on welfare, that receive more from the government then they get, are in no position to speak of the interest of the nation. The very first condition for being a free man is to carry one’s own weight and being a burden to no one.
My ideal society is a republic in which every: Native, landed, adult, debt free, man, who have completed his military services with honour should have a vote.
I am a big proponent of the draft, it is the duty of every free man to protect his nation. It is important to note that while liberty is a right that comes from God, freedom needs to be defended, and it is not a duty that can be passed on to someone else.
Likewise property is one of the fundamental rights, and one cannot truly stand guard over it, unless one actually have a stake in it. It is easy for the man who have no property, nor the skills to earn one, to demand that it should be “redistributed” (as if it were ever distributed) away from the more virtues men that earned it. The instruments of the state is so dangerous because it is so easy to misuse them.

I am not denying the greenhouse effect. I am just not buying the idea of exponential acceleration of its effect. It is a good thing we have the greenhouse gases, the Earth would be an ice planet without it. As I have said many times, the Earth is alive, she have a metabolism and is in homeostasis. And she have been alive for a billion years.
There are many processes that leads to cooling. And thou art ignoring two very big heat sinks. The ocean from below that have an incredible capacity to store unneeded heat, and space itself. As I have said, thou hast this powerful pathetic imagine of a dying world up in thy head, but that is emotional, not logical.
And I am a sceptic, not a denier, stop poisoning the well.

And it is not that hard to understand, these who makes a law that others must follow, rule them. Free trade is one of the most commonly used excuses to rob local and regional sovereignty and centralise the power. It is very simple, if we can’t say no, we are not in charge.