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Bye bye ambassador 12 2, 12:49am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' 1) Diviation
I just have to link to Webster here:
To argue this further would be ludicrous

2) [I am saying that climate scientists know best. Consensus of the IPCC.]
There is no consensus in the climate science, there are many in the man made global warming camp, and then there are some independent scientist that says otherwise.
The problem is that it is a highly politicized field, and that the scientist that speaks in favior of man made global warming have a clear conflict of interest, as they are financed by the politicians that wants to use their result to push for further globalization.
In other words they are not credible. Thou want to hear the truth, then try to listen to people that speaks their opinion despite great personal risk.

3) Free Trade
I am not saying that we should have complete uninhibited free trade. Especially regarding weapons states needs to put up some restictions. What I am saying is that free trade IS when states do not interfere.
And we do not NEED a third party in trade. If I for instance makes a deal with a coffee house in Indonesia and he negates on the contract, his words will be ruined. No one wants to trade with someone that is known to break contracts. In all human relations, but especially in trade we need trust. We need to trust that the other party will deliver.
What a third party can do is to give us additional leverage. This is practical for minor players. Big merchant houses lives and dies by their reputation, but individual scammers can disappear in the hoard.
The legal enforcement that states provide can help lend legitimacy to new companies that have yet to build up a reputation. These things are completely in international trade. There is also the simple fact that, an import-export business have both his home state and the foreign state to enforce the contract.
If I sell bacon to an American company, even if our respective reputations wasn’t enough, we would both have the Danish Government and the American Government to back up our contract, both of which would be interested in an honest exchange. There is simply no need for WTO, and the simple fact that world trade worked just fine for thousands of years before its existence is proof of that.

4) Who am I worried about?
I am worried about losing sovereignty, I am worried about losing my liberty. I am not worried about Russia, they have no reason to attack us, and they would have to go though you first anyway. I hate the protectionism of the EU, I want free trade with Russia, our pig farmers have suffered a lot from the EU embargo. I want friendly relations, and I don’t care what Putin does in his own back yard, as I said, it is his back yard, and we need to respect that.
If WWIII happens it would be because of globalist, Putin have every right to defend his country.

5) To dimensional political spectrum.
Okay thou need to know why there are two, and only two dimensions in the political spectrum.
The left-right dichotomy is about masculinism and feminism.
Masculinism is rational and independent, feminism is emotional and dependent. It comes from biology.
It is the r/K selection. Where the right is k-selective and the left is r-selective. That is whether we have a competitive or non-competitive strategy.
The rights have winners and losers, the left wants everyone to get along. Or put another way, liberals are dicks and socialist are pussies.

The elitism, populism dimension is vertical rather than horizontal, because it is spiritual and not biological. Elitist, without exception, suffer from hybris, some goes so far as to reject God, but all thinks that they knows best. Where populism is humble, it is admitting our own fallibility.