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Bye bye ambassador 14 2, 5:38am

'@ThorsomeTarmukas' At hominum attack means nothing to me, these insult only further underscores how weak thy position truly is.
There is no point trying to show thee any real data, the little that there actually are, because thy mind is completely made up. There is no scientific curiosity in there, no philosophical humility.
I understand that thou art afraid of the boogieman of “global warming” But it is a monster thou can only see after thou hast decided that it is there.
It reminds me of a story I read some years ago about a man that came from an undergrown city. He had never seen the sun. He found it quite beautiful. Despite him being a rational person he came from a superstitious culture that prayed to dark gods. And when he saw with his own eyes that the sun started rising less and less every day, he feared that the dark gods were after him, because he knew, based on what he saw, that it would only be a month before the sun would have disappeared forever. And then Christmas came, (winter solstice), and the circle turned back.
There are circles we cannot see because they span an entire generation or more, the Kondratiev wave is one such example, it is exactly the length of a human lifespan. It is a four generation circle because the fifth is not born before after the first is dead, so they are like the first and makes the same mistakes.
First we have cooling, then we have warming, and maybe we should just call it climate change, because it seems to obvious if we keep flip-flopping.

Likewise I don’t care where thou think I am from, beyond the fact that thy accusation of me for deciding my country of origin, comes from a new desire to delegitimise me. Afterall, a known liar is not to be trusted. People that speak the truth, especially people that are Christians and not anti-Russian have often been accused for being a Russian agent.
Thou art completely delusional when it comes to Russia. The bear is of course synonymous with Russia, and if thou think that Estonia can do anything if it came to a conflict with Russia thou art sadly mistaken.
My point about the alternative history I wrote, where China joins the Soviet union and USA collapses was to open thy mind to an alternative, one where Russia was the worlds sole superpower.
The Sino-soviet union could have happened if Mao had died a little earlier, and USA nearly did collapse in 1980. It is also something that is going to happen, at some point in the not too distant future. The crisis of 1980 is nothing compared to what we have now. When the markets finally break, the dollar will hyperinflate into nothing. Without the capacity to borrow the US will default, and then the bad stuff really starts because their over forty years of constant trade deficit have left their country barren for productive industries and made their popules accustomed to a living standard that in one stroke have become impossible. This anger will lead to secessions and likely civil war.
Then people will have other things to worry about then thine stupid fantasies. For one thing, doing the disintegrating EU, the Baltic is sure to fall back into the Russian sphere of influence.
But my point of all of this is, to try and open thy mind to another reality, one in which thou art not in a position of strength but in a position of weakness.
Thou think that the alternative to economic sanctions is military intervention. What about noting? What about simply accepting the new status que because there is nothing ye can do about it.
And thou don’t know the full story about Ukraine anyway, it was a colour revolution, if that means anything to thee. The short answer is that it was a US sponsored coup against a legitimate government for the purpose of installing a Washington friendly puppet.

The Natural Rights are: life, liberty and property, and the primary duty is the non-initiation of force. We can only use force as a defence, and there is nothing more officious then to rush guns braising, uninvited into a conflict that we know little about.

That is as I have said multiple times, thy fundamental problem. Hybris, thou think that thou hast it all figured out, and lack the humility to doubt thy own convictions. Thou must be very young, properly a teenager still.