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Bye bye ambassador 14 2, 6:59am

[There are circles we cannot see because they span an entire generation or more, the Kondratiev wave is one such example, it is exactly the length of a human lifespan. It is a four generation circle because the fifth is not born before after the first is dead, so they are like the first and makes the same mistakes.
First we have cooling, then we have warming, and maybe we should just call it climate change, because it seems to obvious if we keep flip-flopping. ]

All such natural cycles have been taken into account.
Moreover, if such a cycle is a cycle, then it cancels itself out over one cycle.
Furthermore, none of your fantasies can wish away the very real physical effects of greenhouse warming and (black-) body radiation. Earth's radiation budget is out of balance due to AGW.

It is not enough to come up with an alternative idea for current warming - you would need to debunk a lot of physics in the process as well.

[People that speak the truth, especially people that are Christians and not anti-Russian have often been accused for being a Russian agent.
Thou art completely delusional when it comes to Russia. The bear is of course synonymous with Russia, and if thou think that Estonia can do anything if it came to a conflict with Russia thou art sadly mistaken.]

Estonia (and Latvia and Lithuania and Poland and Finland) has already done quite a lot regarding Russia.
Our politicians blackmailed Gorbachev to admit and reveal the MRP secret protocols.
Kennan (of the Kennan Doctrine) was indoctrinated in Estonia and Latvia.
In 1918-1920 Russia got beaten back.
And between 1939-1945, USSR lost about 2 million soviet soldiers against Finland and in the Baltics and tied up another 2 million soviet soldiers. Soviet tanks destroyed - thousands. Finland and the Baltics caused more casualties to Kremlin than Poland and Japan combined.
Oh, and Latvian Red Rifles of 1917-18 were the only military troops in the known history to have taken both Moscow and St. Petersburg.
And Estonia and Finland are both legal successors (based on legal continuity) of the Russian Empire, something that RF lacks. Thus Finland and Estonia are the only legal successors of the Roman Empire. And coincidentally, Finland and Estonia are the only countries whose troops have had better than equal casualty rates against German troops during the 20th century.

[Then people will have other things to worry about then thine stupid fantasies. For one thing, doing the disintegrating EU, the Baltic is sure to fall back into the Russian sphere of influence.
But my point of all of this is, to try and open thy mind to another reality, one in which thou art not in a position of strength but in a position of weakness.]

I do understand that you are seeking incentives to shut me up.
But you are failing. Game theory suggests that in face of near certain death of a nation, one might as well speak up.

[Thou think that the alternative to economic sanctions is military intervention. What about noting? What about simply accepting the new status que because there is nothing ye can do about it.]

That was the Chamberlain Munich approach. It failed.
Estonia's Päts tried it as well in 1939. Didn't work out as well as that of Finland.
You fail to realise that even if there is nothing one can do about it, one might as well do it.
You also need to take into account that in case of a NATO failure, expect Russia to have a dozen MAD neighbours with independent MAD capabilities. And not just nuclear capabilities. Then we can see how Putin chews his tie.

Thou must be very young, properly a teenager still.