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Bye bye ambassador 15 2, 12:04am

[I know that thou think that thy worldview is based on very strong data but until thou art willing to admit that thou might be wrong, thou will not be able to see past the dogma.]

You are not fooling me.
Which means that you play on fooling others.
FUD - fear, uncertainty, doubt.

[Sun Tzu, the art of war]
Keres attack - the art of chess.

[And do not think when I say that the Baltic will fall under Russian influence that it means that they will simply invade, something that might provoke a response. It is that they along with China will be the dominant military, economic and cultural powers in the 21st century, because as the eagle is falling, the bear and the dragon is rising.]

Russia? Economically and culturally dominant? Over Ukraine and Poland? I don't think so.

[Russia won’t have as far a reach as they had doing the cold war. Their influence is sure to reach the Baltics.]

Besides outright occupation, I don't see how Russia could get any additional influence over the Baltics.
Russia already has influence over the Baltics, it won't be allowed to have more.