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Tall food is good food 15 2, 10:57am

@MichaelZWilliamson A "land of the free", and good presidents.

If you did see one of Humon's latest comics(as of today), you would know America incarcerates more people than anyone else in the whole world. That includes so-called second world states. (*cough cough* China *cough cough*) But, the U.S.A. is a large country, with another largely populated country below us(Mexico). Not to mention Mexico is the country with the highest crime rate in North America(Not counting the Carribean). So us Americans go," Oh no, don't let the Mexicans in! They are dirty and barbaric and uneducated!" when most of them are actually nice people. Because of 9/11, we're scared of Muslims. So more TSA screening. They even put a travel ban(as of right now)on Muslims. We just associate with those of the same skin color(*ahem* French, British, Irish, German, Sandinavian{Nordic for that matter} etc.). That concludes why no "land of the free."

The election last year was one of firsts, where for the first time, the bad sides of a president were emphasized more than ever.
I mean, come on. All we had was a Cheeto with Easy Cheez for hair, and Grandma I.D.M.E.(I Deleted My Emails) who thought getting Selena Gomez would make her hip. If you know the Murican' news, you'd know Easy Cheez Cheeto won. There was never so much protesting as in anyone other president's inauguration as Trumps. I mean, the man's a billionaire with no experience in politics.The ban shows how much of a crappy president he will be.